Steve Jobs: Tribute To A Visionary

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A person who I think of as a visionary and one who I admire is Steve Jobs. This is somebody whose creative vision was far beyond his time having foreseen and created many things that were later adapted or adopted by other organizations after failing or not taking a foothold when originally created. This is somebody who not only branched out with his technological inventions and visions, but took his visions into the entertainment industry spearheading 3D Animation with the leading of PIXAR for many years. He continues to take an active role in the entertainment industry and is the largest individual shareholder of Disney at 7%, which is more than Michael Eisner and Roy Disney combined.

I think that Steve Jobs has an excellent ability at look at not only functionality but aesthetics of whatever is being marketed and sold and he is very good at reading what people want. He is somebody I admire, and I am always following to see what next he will present and further designs he has to share with the world.

-Justin Germino

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