Steve Jobs Passed Away

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At first people thought it was rumor, but too widespread to be anything but the unfortunate truth.  Apple posted a memorial to Steve Jobs on their website in honor of the truly innovative leader.


I was really sad to find out the news was true and really think we lost a brilliant creative mind and inspiring leader.  Though Apple will survive and develop and do well he carried an air of flare in the same way Walt Disney did for the Disney corporation.  Like Disney decades will pass and nobody will forget or ever not attribute it to Steve Jobs and the success he brought the company.

This also servers as a mortality reminder and just how fragile we are as humans, despite the wealth and access to medicine most people could only hope to afford he was unable to recover.  We are all mortal and must make sure we enjoy every moment we have in this world.  Life is too short to hate, stress and have negativity, we should all strive to enjoy every moment, love everyone and promote respect everywhere.

-Justin Germino

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