Staying at Haunted Hotel in Flagstaff

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My wife had a crazy idea for this weekend and since we were driving up to Flagstaff to see Flotsam and Jetsam we decided to stay at a famous haunted hotel overnight called the Hotel Monte Vista.    This hotel is famous for being haunted and was featured on several Ghost Hunters and Ghost Story related TV shows.  Famous people have stayed here including Michael J. Fox, Anthony Hopkins, Jon Bon Jovi, Bing Crosby just to name a few and many have reported ghost stories.

Common ones include men feeling like cold fingers wrapping around their throat while lying in bed, or a haunted bellboy knocking at the hotel room door.  I like to consider myself an adventurer who is always willing to experience and try new things, my wife however is afraid of horror movies.  So imagine my surprise that it was her idea to book a night at this place and now she may regret it if anything creepy happens.  I am bringing my camera and camcorder so I might be able to capture any paranormal event that may or may not occur while staying there.

You can read all about the Hotel Monte Vista Ghost Stories in Flagstaff and see just what kind of encounters have been reported.  Would you stay at a Haunted Hotel?

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