Starting a New Fitness Routine

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After moving about 3 more miles away from my gym membership my wife and I decided to instead sign a contract with a closer gym that is only 4 minutes away instead of one that is a 12 minute drive each way which costs me almost 1/2 hour of drive time just to start one of my workout programs.

I had a really good workout routine last year and was consistently going 3 days per week, but I started letting it slip and this was especially true after my hernia surgery in April and my move in October.  So I am determined to start back up in a 3 day per week workout program and one of the good things about this new gym is that it is 24 hours compared to only 5:30am – 10pm of the previous gym I belonged to.


This gym also includes 1 personal fitness session per month with a trainer and includes a ton of various classes and other workout programs that help jump start either cardio goals, weight loss goals or other fitness goals.

I really don’t have a regular schedule, I try to work out in the small amount of time between dropping my kids off at school and starting my morning meetings at my day job, this is often just 1/2 hour so I can’t tell you that I have a specific set of workout programs that I follow.

I do of course encourage everyone to make fitness and working out a part of their life, it is important not to be sedentary in a chair for too long, sitting on your butt all day at your desk is detrimental to your health in the long term and I recognize the benefits of adding fitness even if I don’t practice as often as I should like many of us.

What fitness program or workout programs do you follow to help prevent yourself from neglecting your body?  Or are you one who wants to but just can’t find the time or make the time like I find myself in often?

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