Starcraft II: The Laser Drill against Protoss

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So was gaming Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty in campaign mode almost every night for the past few weeks doing 2 campaign solo missions per night.  I work as many bonuses as I can and am playing the "Normal" mode.  I am not that good of an SC2 player that I can do hard mode at this time.  Each mission takes about an hour or so to complete so far.

The Dig is the last mission I completed and it has you investigate a Terran mining operation that went silent.  You are sent some marines who just go into the mission and encounter some Protoss early on.Starcraft II - The Dig









You quickly find the base after being deployed two tanks who help you fight off some incoming Protoss armies.  When taking over the base you need to build turrets and deploy tanks really fast as you have Protoss armies attacking from two sides.

Terran Base - The Dig

The coolest thing about The Mine mission is you get control of this high powered Laser Drill which can target enemy Protoss Zealots and Archons and wipe them out quite rapidly.  Using the shift key to select multiple targets so the Drill can automatically just fire one after the other without you having to micromanage it as much is a really nice feature.

Laser-Drill Blasting Protoss

Bottom Line:

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is fantastic and one of the best PC games I have played in years.  The single player story campaign is engaging, entertaining and keeps you hooked.  I haven’t been this addicted to a game since when Guild Wars released originally.

-Justin Germino

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