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RacoHardeen (Republic Vanguard Trooper)

Been spending a vast amount of my night hours playing Star Wars: The Old Republic lately and enjoy it so much it has interfered with my blogging time.  This is one unique MMO game and one of the features I really like is the incorporation of companions who do so much more than just follow and shoot things you are fighting. 

You can send companions on skill quests where they can boost skill levels, acquire item rewards, craft materials and even weapons, armors and enhancements for your character and gear.

I am only level 15 now and still learning the ropes, there is so much yet to discover and you can’t even get a vehicle like a speeder until you are level 25.

Anybody have any tips they want to share about playing SW:TOR and how to get Armstech items quickly? 


-Justin Germino

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