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So I have been a member of the Spotify Premium service for a few weeks now and really like instantly finding virtually any music I want online and building custom playlists of both my local content and online content.  I even can save my playlists as “offline” to where they will work when not connected to the Internet from my iPad.

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However, I still have an iPod Nano and Spotify doesn’t allow syncing of playlists for online content to anything but an iPod, iPad, Windows PC, Mac OS though they have an experimental Android OS client that you can preview if you have an Android device.

This means I am probably going to have to look at adding an iPod Touch to my wish list soon as I really want to have custom offline playlists that I can listen to when working out at the gym (If I ever start going back, been on a hiatus).

So far Spotify doesn’t have everything that I have been looking for, I found some Tangerine Dream albums that I can’t get on Spotify, as well as they are pretty sparse on movie soundtracks and such.  However hopefully the service will keep adding indie and older content so that it becomes even more beneficial.  I still think they should have more options for finding random music in similar genre or category or list top charts from years past so you can easily play a top 50 or top 100 from a decade ago.

Meanwhile, the iPod Touch 8GB is going on my wish list.  I don’t actually need more than 8GB because I have an iPad 2 which I use for all video media, I would only use it for audio and I don’t need that much audio stored at once.

-Justin Germino

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