Son Displaying Some Good Manners

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I was eating lunch at McDonalds with the kids yesterday and as my wife and I left the restaurant we noticed our son was lagging behind a bit.  He had stayed back to hold the door open for another family that was entering the restaurant and I was struck at how well mannered and thoughtful his reaction was.  I myself do my best to hold the door open for anyone behind or in front of me when exiting or entering a building and I was really glad to see he emulates that behavior himself.  At least some good habits are rubbing off on my kids and my six year old is such a kind and caring child, he is very empathic and displays altruistic tendencies.

It is true that kids emulate their parents behavior, not just in the things we say but in how we act and behave toward one another.  Adults who model disrespect, rudeness, ignorance or bigotry are very likely to pass off these tendencies to their children who will pick up those habits.  Just think on how kids emulate when they hear their parents swear or curse or behave under certain situations.  Remember we as parents are the #1 role models for our children, it is hard to preach what they should be doing and how they should behave if we ourselves contradict what we are trying to teach.

My kids are my main reasons for trying to be the best person I can be, and my weakness is swearing at home.  I am very good about not swearing when working, but off hours my NY tendencies to drop swear words for even the most minor fumbles is something I am trying to cull.  Funny how you can be conditioned to not curse while on a phone at work, yet at home it just comes off so naturally.  My three year old however continues to drop “Damnit” multiple times per day as well as a few other more minor words, but thank goodness no F-bombs or 4 letter words have erupted from his lips.

It reminds me of the Will Ferrell video where he has his daughter Pearl demand rent money, called “The Landlord” on Funnie or  he has his two year old girl spouting all sorts of curse words and it is so funny how normal he integrates that into his household.  Everytime my three year old swears it reminds me of that video a little bit.

-Justin Germino

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