Social Networking Phobia?

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Last weekend I was out at a birthday party for a friend over at AZCulture with my wife and it was at a Wine Bar in Scottsdale Arizona. While attending said event I was noting how much I find being in public crowds uncomfortable, I actually have a slight aversion to networking publicly and in person. Most of this comes from just simple phobia, I enjoy talking with people and socializing, I am just uncomfortable in public settings with crowds and lots of people around.

Online networking is so much easier, you can act naturally and you don’t have to be aware of your body language, how you dress, style of fashion…etc. You can just be recognized for your words and what you say instead of your overall appearance. This makes borderline recluse hermits like myself much more apt to talk to people on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks than meeting for drinks in a bar or club in the valley.

It isn’t that I don’t socialize fairly well, in my industry and when associating with people I am friendly, approachable, easy to talk to and often can add some value to just about any conversation without looking to steal focus or attention. It is just I am uncomfortable in my own skin in public, maybe its the nagging fear of always being judged or the self conscious way I analyze everything I say.

-Justin Germino

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