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Thanks to @GrowMap I learned about DoubleLinx which is a website (not unlike Fiverr) that allows you to list your services so that clients can find and hire services from you.


Where it differs from Fiverr is that you set the rate for your services there is no requirement on a specific dollar amount to charge, and they screen every listing before it is listed to make sure you appear to offer legit quality services first.

They also take a lower commission fee from the services than many other programs I have seen and tested over the years, and offer ways to help you write your service listing while taking the commission from your first sale rather than charging you up front.

I had only a passive marketing page on for people to Hire WordPress Services but figured I would put a listing or two on DoubleLinx and see what it can do to help boost my service business which I do part time on the side.

It is definitely a well polished website, and easy to sign up as either a seller of services or buyer and switch back and forth between the two profile types.

The services listed are definitely geared toward online professionals, websites, bloggers, those needing web design work, social media work or backlink building and some of my highly valued peers have services listed on DoubleLinx.

I will let my readers know if it brings me any clients and provide a more detailed write up in the future after having some time testing the service.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: August 22, 2012 — 1:32 pm