Sharing Too Much If You Could Get Away With It

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The other day there was a trending hashtag on Twitter called #IfICouldGetAwayWithIt and it is curious to see what people add to this trend.  I am surprised at how many people blatantly mention they would kill someone, or that they would rob a bank, steal or commit crimes.


The funny thing is we all have perhaps thought or mentioned it to a close relative/spouse…etc that if you could rob a bank, or somehow get away with something that makes your life easier you may.  I do however think it strange that so many people would just blatantly say stuff online which is publicly visible to anyone?  I mean even if joking or just being part of it, this stuff gets added to the “anyone can find online” pile.image

Let’s say this was Facebook and an employer say a Bank read that you broadcast you would steal, rob a bank if you could get away with it.  Wouldn’t this at least make a bank think twice about hiring you?  What would assure them you wouldn’t try to skim money at some point?

Sorry, there are some broadcasts and secrets better left in your own head and not shared publicly for the world to see in this bloggers opinion.

-Justin Germino

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