Seven Year Old With an Email

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So my son was using my email account too often to sign up for free to play games online and I got sick of all the spam so set him up with his own custom email address hosted at one of my blog sites.  This private email is his personal "free game sign up" email that he can use only to sign up for games but he doesn’t do email communication at 7 yet.  So no thunderbird or means to check his email, if something requires activation or a click then I will open the email and follow through with any final activations.

Lately my son has been wanting to play Wizards 101 and the commercials spewed all over Cartoon Network and other cable channels I am sure absorbed many kids.  I didn’t like AdventureQuest so much but MonkeyQuest was fun and let him join that one.  Roboblocks is getting popular and he also plays that with his friend down the street.

Rather than buying console games I see most kids getting into Free to Play games because they simply don’t have money to purchase games and do have "TIME" to spend building up characters in games so they can kind of offset needing in game purchases to get big items quickly.

It does however mean that a kid like my own son who has a short attention span for games filled up his 240GB hard drive to where he has less than 1.6GB free from all his various free game and game demo downloads.  I mean some demo versions of games from STEAM are 4GB in size for a single game demo.

Meanwhile, both my boys already want iPad 2’s for Christmas and I am going to go broke with my kid’s gadget requests at some point.  Good thing kids can become online entrepreneurs at a young age because the moment my kid turns 10 I am welcoming him to the world of blogging and affiliate marketing so he can make his own money to buy his latest gadget wants.

-Justin Germino

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