Back to School Means More Clothes

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Kids grow like weeds when they are young and it is hard to believe but my seven year old outgrow many of his pants that he wore just a few short months ago during the summer.  I am not talking waist size either but the length of his pants are now too short.

So it meant some quick back to school shopping for Kids Clothes and haircuts over the past 7 days to get my kids prepped for school starting this Monday.  Typically I try to save as much money as possible knowing they will outgrow clothing so quickly.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B004W6J7ES” alt=”True Religion Boys 2-7 Billy Army Green Cornelli Bootcut Jean, Huckleberry, 6″ src=”” align=”left” width=”150″ ]The good news is that I have two boys ages 7 and 4 so that when my seven year old outgrows clothes if the clothing is still in decent shape we store it and use a year or two later for my younger son.  This means yes, we do the hand me down thing in my house too when it comes to clothing.  Sneakers and shoes never survive long enough to be handed down however, my oldest with his scooter can tear through a pair of sneakers in two months where he uses either his heel or the tip of his sneaker to stop him and it wears a hole right through to expose his toes.  Even with reinforced sneakers we wind up having to buy a pair of sneakers every few months.

No wonder why my mother used to complain so much about my brother and I destroying and ruining our clothes as a kid.  I just didn’t get it until I had two boys of my own just how much money is spent buying clothing that barely lasts a month in some cases.  We sometimes save some money by finding second hand clothes but rarely find sizes that fit properly and not worth paying to have kids clothes tailored.

-Justin Germino

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