Save Money and Donate Your Body to Science

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At some point everyone in their lives has to think about their death and what they want their family or loved ones to do with their remains after the pass on.  The burdening expense of burials being in the tens of thousands when you throw in a fancy coffin can financially overcome some families.  Even cremations can cost a few thousand which is cheap compared to a burial in a coffin but still could be costly.

My wife and I don’t particularly have any religious beliefs in how a body should be laid to rest, we don’t need to waste land by putting our bodies in a permanent coffin in the ground taking up space.  Nor do we feel our ashes should be kept in an urn or scattered.  This is why we made the decision to donate our bodies to science and research purposes.


Biological Resources Center is located in Arizona and Illinois currently and we both signed up for them to handle our bodies after deceased.  At no cost whatsoever should something happen to either my wife or I they will take care of our bodies and use them for scientific purposes.  This will spare my kids from having to pay any costs at all in handling our remains and hopefully the research will help benefit the medical community in some way and it can be a contribution to science as a result of my passing.

The one good thing about the Biological Resource Center in Arizona is that they cremate the bodies and will return them to the families if that is an option and selected as desired by the donor.

Some benefits of the Biological Resource Center is that it offers to their donors and their families:

  • No cost for the cremation process

  • No cost transportation of the body

  • No cost for the completion and filing of the death certificate

  • No cost for the dignified urn

  • No cost for the return of the urn to the donor’s family

  • Return of the donor’s cremated remains within 30 days of the donation

Note, this is isn’t a paid review or testimony, I am just informing my readers that our family has decided that it is worth not spending tens of thousands of dollars for dealing with handling our remains and have opted to donate our bodies to science instead.  This is a personal choice for any family and as someone who believes in scientific research and donation this is one way to help serve the scientific community and save your family money after your passing.

-Justin Germino

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