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At first it was Dish Network but then I started seeing the live streaming by cable or satellite TV service providers becoming a far more common feature.  This streaming is basically leveraging a cloud streaming platform to send the video signal through the internet from your set top box to your mobile device which watches it via an application.  It has the ability to justify satellite TV service even for those who do a lot of travel since they can watch that content anyplace there is a Wi-Fi signal that is fast enough to stream the bandwidth.

Satelitte tv

I was early to jump on board but had problems with keeping the Wi-Fi signal between the satellite box and the wireless router stable enough to prevent the live stream from periodically skipping, pausing and converting to lower quality bandwidth.  It turned out to be a larger router issue on my side, but in the end you will get much better streaming capabilities if you have the ability to plug your satellite set top box into your router via an Ethernet cable than relying on the Wi-Fi connection itself to send the bandwidth upstream.  This is especially true if you are trying to stream the HD quality signal, you need less bandwidth to stream SD quality.

With this option you can also stream your DVR recorded shows, movies to Wi-Fi devices as well and when remote you can catch up on Elementary, Psych or any other show you record on your iPad or Android tablets.  Combine this with an HDMI converter plug and you can even have your tablet show that streamed/recorded TV show or movie onto your regular TV in an alternate location as well.

This is good for if you wanted to watch something you recorded back at home in a hotel room stay instead of what was on the hotel room TV service, most hotel rooms have fast enough Internet that you should be able to stream sufficiently.  If you can stream Netflix or Hulu, then it should be fast enough to stream content from your satellite TV service back home so you can watch your live and recorded content wherever you are.

I am going to be putting this streaming to the real test sometime during spring break when I will be streaming my satellite TV service from AZ to my small place up in California I will be staying at for 4 days. I will let you know the results and how well it holds up.

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