Roku Needs These Channels in 2013!

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I love Roku devices, I bought 4 of them over the past few years and own 2 Roku XDS, 1 Roku XS and 1 Roku 2 XS model.  One thing that plagues me about Roku is that I still don’t have access to any live streaming news or coverage and think that there should be a deal struck with some Satellite providers to help remediate this problem.

Dish Network Roku Channel!

Why not, I mean Dish Network lets you watch live streaming CNN from your iPad if you are a Dish Network subscriber, why not create a channel on the Roku 2 for Dish Network customers that gives you access to a sampling or small array of your Dish Network package.  This rewards you for being a Dish Subscriber and lets you get at least a few channels for other rooms which may only have a Roku but you don’t want to shell out every month for the extra dish box.  Or how about when you are on the go, this allows Dish network subscribers to have access to some of their Dish channels when they travel if they bring their Roku boxes with them.

Same could be said for DirectTV Channel, Cox Communications or any other channel.  I mean they already have an HBO GO channel for Roku it would be nice to get a little rewards and this wouldn’t be cutting from Dish to Roku but augmenting the services.

Custom Roku Channel Packages

For that matter, I would pay X per month for a streaming CNN channel, why doesn’t Roku offer small subscription packages like a Satellite provider?  I would pay a small fee per month for a channel as long as the value made it less expensive and a better ROI than purchasing the basic satellite or cable package (bare minimum package).

I haven’t been watching Hulu+ mostly I leverage Netflix or Amazon VOD on my Roku, but one thing I really do like having is live news, either local or CNN…etc.  Yet CNN International, channel CNNI seems to be the only live news channel and stopped working a few weeks ago, I don’t know if it will recover.  I checked it on 3 Roku boxes in 2 different states and it seems to be not functional anymore but I can’t find anything written about it and why it doesn’t seem to work after working for over a year.

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