Review of Moving McCallister

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My wife actually happened to grab this movie off of the shelf as it looked like a funny road trip movie.  I happen to like romantic comedies and the premise was interesting.  The story involves a young soon to be lawyer working for a major company who accidentally stumbles into the company president in an elevator.  The company president played by Rutger Hauer (BladeRunner, LadyHawke) hires the young lawyer to be Rick (played by Ben Gourley) to transport a crate and his daughter from Florida to California.

Rick must make the trip in five days or he will miss his bar exam, what he didn’t count on was the CEO’s daughter Michelle (played by Mila Kunis) was a wild one.  She is completely ruleless, and does everything possible to delay his trip, not because she is mean or malicious but because she is a wild spirit and wants to experience life along the way.

Jon Heder has a funny cameo as Orlie a Native American Spirit trapped in a White Mans Body.  He tags along for the road trip to reach his destination where his is supposed to meet his spirit in a Native Americans Body.  Naturally there are various hi-jinx, break downs, fights, delays along the way.

The real nice part of the film is seeing the change for Rick as he starts off the film only caring about being the next partner at the firm and big shot lawyer, and gradually start to realize that love and passion are more important than simple career goals.  He starts to fall deep for Michelle over the several days they spend together.

By the end of the film he chooses to pursue love with McCallister’s daughter and in doing so we learn that Mr. McCallister was planning that outcome all along and was hoping for it.  This was kind of a fun twist to the film and you realize the whole trip was kind of a test.  How Mr. McCallister would know his daughter would fall for Rick is unknown and not explained, but the film simply worked.

It was a cute romantic film that also mixed a coming of age / realizing whats important in life film.  For a movie that went straight to DVD it was a pleasant watch in my opinion.

-Justin Germino

Moving McCallister

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