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Last month I had to make the tough decision to discontinue two of my blogs (World of Prandria) and (Tried A Product) one was going to be my blog devoted to role playing games, Dungeons and Dragons and was meant to be a hobby blog with no real monetization at all except AdSense. The other was a product review site that was supposed to feature reviews and information about products that were actually tested and wouldn’t do any promo’s for untested products.

I had some interest and garnered about five to twenty visits per day average to my World of Prandria blog but under ten per day to tried a product which was a failed experiment in my opinion. So in order to keep my focus on my three primary blogs I decided to shut the blogs down cold turkey, this involved decommissioning the Domain Name, pulling the domain from my hosting provider and just letting the blogs vanish into obscurity with nothing but the occasional broken Google Link that hasn’t caught up yet.

5 blogs was just too much for me to keep track of and I have a lot of respect for these bloggers who run seven or more niche blogs and are able to keep up with each of them and grow them to where they reach a certain level of success. All my spare time (which is very little) is focused on where I am still hoping to grow it and reach my 50,000 unique visits per month by the end of 2010.

-Justin Germino

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