Rent Kindle Textbooks and Save Money

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I was wondering why Amazon didn’t have a Kindle book rental service where you can simply pay a per month fee and rent/read up to X books at a time instead of having to pay for each book individually in the same way Spotify offers music for a monthly fee.

It was then that I found out has a textbook rental service which is geared to greatly help college students.  You basically rent a single textbook for a specified period of days for up to 80% off the price of actually buying the book.  You can access the book on any device (Kindle PC app, Tablet…etc) so you can read it anywhere and even after the book expires all your notes are saved and still accessible.


For those who don’t know about the service this could be a big time way to save money on super expensive textbooks that you would just buy only to have sit and collect dust on shelves a year later after your classes have ended.

You can also easily extend or rental or re-rent if you need to reference again.

Seriously, this could be a big way to save money.

However, let’s say you still want to buy and have a textbook.  Amazon textbooks still gives you used Textbooks at up to 90% off and 30% off new textbooks.  Amazon will even pay you 70% back when you sell the textbook you purchased back to Amazon after you are done using it.

It is sort of like a rental, you buy the physical textbook and use it as long as you need.  As long as it is in same condition you bought it, you can sell it back to Amazon for up to 70% of the price you paid for it.  Naturally there is variation here  but it is a good way to get money back to be used for the next semester of books.

If you haven’t looked at Amazon yet for ways to save on textbooks you should, and I would lean toward the Kindle eBook rental myself since it makes the device everywhere at once and you can have multiple books all fit neatly on 1 portable tablet like say the Kindle Fire or Kindle Lite!

-Justin Germino

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