Recovery Weekend

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Recovering from umbilical hernia surgery on Thursday last week, it took until Friday before I could walk up the steps to be able to check my work emails and start catching up on some blogging activities.  Sore all through the weekend and pretty much unable to do anything except chill on the couch watching Harry Potter marathon, Avatar and playing my iPad.

I did have some limited mobility and was able to play Call of Duty Black Ops with my boys where we alternated between Zombie Mode and creating custom warriors in a team deathmatch with my two boys versus my own soldier.  It is pretty fun and the boys have a good time, they make a good team and my oldest is really good at the game.

In the meantime, maybe if I am feeling better I wanted to go see Pirates Band of Misfits today at the theater, but not sure if I will be feeling up to it.

-Justin Germino

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