Recovering from the Flu

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It didn’t matter that I got my flu shot back in September, I came down with a bad flu on Sunday that left me debilitated and with a 102 fever on Monday morning.  To make matters worse, I had a horrible sore throat and what felt like an ear infection to go with it.  I was restricted to the couch in my bedroom where I could do nothing but fade in and out of sleep while listening to CNN.  To minimize infecting anyone else I pretty much isolated myself as my youngest hasn’t had his flu shot yet and I don’t need him coming down with it.

When coming down with fevers Ibuprofen works best at managing them from my experience, I take 3 Advil at a time and was able to control my fever to where I can at least walk and sit up.  As a result of being sick I had to take sick time at work and have not been keeping up on my blogging or social media.

-Justin Germino

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