Why I Still Recommend Blog Engage and Affiliate Lights

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I have had numerous people ask me if I still recommend Blog Engage over the years, and I have to say that I do still recommend it for many in certain circumstances.  First of all not only do I love the Affiliate Lights program which allows you to earn fantastic recurring commissions as a blogger and online entrepreneur I like the Blog Engage RSS Syndication service, but you will find I like it for different reasons than some other bloggers.

You Want Blog Engage If You Are A Blogger

First I will tell you that Blog Engage is slanted to be more beneficial for those who are in the Blogging, SEO and Social Media as well as online affiliate and entrepreneurial niches.  The site has “Blog Engage” in it and you will find many experienced bloggers who are more than happy to share advice, feedback and critique your site so that you can optimize, tweak and get a design down that will work for you.  The Blog Engage Facebook group is still a great place to go to get information and feedback and chatting with other bloggers live on the Blog Engage system will yield you some networking and contacts you may not find out on your own just searching.

Bloggers tend to be more reciprocal in helping share content for a share in Blog Engage, they tend to also be more interested in leaving comments when they visit your article if they are part of Blog Engage (again this is my experience, because there are bloggers in this network, bloggers see the value of comments more than casual readers so are more likely to leave comments on an article after they read it and more likely to share it on social media than non-blogger visitors).

Because many of the bloggers know each other, if you earn the respect of one of the more experienced bloggers and they share your article you will likely get the attention and notice of other bloggers as well.  I have not seen any judgement or apathy toward new bloggers trying to get their own little space of the Internet in an overly crowded market.

Video Bloggers

YouTube Videos are notoriously hard to get views and attention on if you aren’t creating super wacky and viral content that is more entertainment than informative.  Blog Engage with YouTube syndication can help get your video content more reach and your video helps establish an identity with readers putting a face to a name and style in a way that written content doesn’t always effectively do.

Blog Engage helps raise awareness for my videos and actually helps with visibility to my YouTube content even more than my technology blog over the past several months which is of huge benefit to me as I am growing very rapidly in the video space and more brands I work with want to see video productions made with their products.

This does translate into more video views, and while as a tech blog my articles may not grab the attention of other bloggers in the system like Blogging, SEO and Social Media sites do, hence I get usually less than 1,000 visits per month from Blog Engage for DragonBlogger, I do get hundreds of extra video views on my YouTube videos which is very beneficial.

I still see Blog Engage providing the most value to eager bloggers who are not yet established, this is a way to really jumpstart your content especially if you write high quality content that adds value to the community it will get you traffic boosts and attention early on.  But like anyone in any system, don’t write generic overview content that respouts the same garbage over and over, be unique, have personality and write about very current and recent trends that you have researched and know about.  Don’t look like a noob and write about Panda updates if you really don’t know anything about them and you are just parroting what you read somewhere, focus on testing something and researching and learning and sharing what you learn and you will get benefit from Blog Engage and provide value to your readers in general.

Oh, and you can actually make some darn good earnings from promoting Blog Engage too, I almost as much per month from Affiliate Light as I do from AdSense on my blogs and this is recurring subscription earnings too!

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