Reaching Another Twitter Milestone

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Last Weekend I reached another Twitter milestone by arriving at 3000 followers on my dragonblogger twitter account.  I have been doing my Random Twitter Poetry game for so long now that yesterday was my 250th Random Twitter poem.  I have new people play my game every day it seems and my average contributions to the game are double what they were when I started just over a year ago.  I am just thrilled that 3000 people have found me interesting enough to follow and stay with me whether it is for my technology blog, Heroes reviews, Poetry, small talk or my personal diary and reflections.

I speak to about a dozen or so twitter followers almost every day, they are my “regulars” while others drop in from day to day.  Some have crossed over and follow me on Facebook as well, but my facebook account only has just under 200 followers compared to my twitter account.

-Justin Germino

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