Reach Out To Loved Ones

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We all get busy in our lives, very busy.  Sometimes we put off calling our friends and loved ones and we keep telling ourselves over and over we need to make time to visit, call or write a letter.  I am here to say don’t put off making those calls, don’t put of making those visits.  A friend of our family who was a very dear friend especially to my wife came down very sick in the past month and we didn’t know because we kept putting off one of those calls.  This person had a life threatening ailment and still continues to struggle with his health.  Now we wish we had spent more time with this person, talked more showed the person how much he meant to us before all of this.

We keep telling ourselves, we were busy, or we had a lot going on.  But the guilt is hard to admonish and forgiveness of oneself is very difficult.  Let this inspire any of you, if you keep putting off a visit or a phone call to someone you care about, avoid it no longer.  MAKE IT A PRIORITY, you may end up regretting not and living with guilt for a long time.

-Justin Germino

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