Random Science Fact – Celery is the Only Food with Negative Calories

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celeryCelery is the only food that takes more calories to digest than it contains averaging about 6 calories a stalk, but burning almost twice that in the digestion process since the celluloid fibers are so tough to break down. This does not mean you will lose weight eating celery, but it does mean if you eat lots of celery in addition to other food in smaller amounts your diet could be augmented so that you will intake less calories and lose weight as a result.

So while other people can try some of the latest weight loss products like Solo Slim, you can try something different. Add celery as a side to lunch and dinner and eat the celery first and slowly. This will help you feel fuller and you will eat less calorie dense food.

Here are some other celery facts:

  • Celery seeds and oils are often used in weight loss products, but they contain androstenone which can stimulate the uterus and should not be used by pregnant women. Seeds and oil produced from the seeds also contian Bergapten which increases photosensitivity making you more prone to sunburn, so you should avoid direct sunlight if taking any celery derived supplements.
  • Note, you don’t have these risks from eating the stalks as a side in the meal, it is only the high concentrations of crushed celery seeds that pose these risks.
  • Celery, is one of the ingredients (Onions and Bell Peppers the other two) to make up the Holy Trinity of Cajun cuisine.
  • Celery actually has an allergy risk and can make some people go into anaphylactic shock for a small minority of people. The allergen is not destroyed at cooking temperatures. Celery allergy is more prevalent in central Europe than in the United States, where Peanut allergies are most common.
  • The longest celery stalks can reach around 3 feet in height, that is a huge stalk.

-Justin Germino

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