Ran Out of Blog Drafts

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On the Weekend I finally finished catching up on all the "Draft" posts that I had written a few mere titles, idea’s and blurbs.  I am completely at a "no article on reserve" status and am now going to have to start building up some backup articles for my variety of sites.

I have been working double time on writing poetry to get poetry published every day on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry for the 12 days I will be on vacation later on this summer.  I am going to have to write 12 additional posts to queue on this blog as well as some other blogs.

All in all to be caught up I have to write somewhere in the area of 85 blog posts in the next 3 weeks to have everything I need for my blogs for the months of June and July and this is a lot of content I will have to write and put together.

Being a blogger is about perception and you have to appear to take no breaks, lapses in blog publishing when you have a set routing can lose visitors and you need to always have the appearance of being active.  Though on vacation I don’t usually take internet access so it will go a week or two before I can respond to blog comments.

So wish me luck in writing a plethora of content over the next few weeks on top of my already busy schedule.

-Justin Germino

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