Rabbit is Growing Rapidly

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Fluffykins is my son’s pet rabbit but I would swear that my wife loves the bunny even more than my son does.  The bunny has nearly grown by 50% in the last month and consumes copious amounts of vegetation.  The great news is we often had lettuce that would wilt or go to waste, but now that we have a bunny we don’t have to worry about rotting leafy greens anymore.

I was testing my Flip Video Camcorder and took a little video footage of Fluffykins and uploaded to YouTube:

[youtube width="550" height="339"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE0pVx_Bvds[/youtube]

This bunny has some great personality and is able to withstand a four year and seven hear old man handling him, screaming at each other and he will still hop over and nuzzle his soft little twitching nose for affection and attention.

The bunny even licks like a cat at your hands and arms, but oddly only licks my wife and sometimes my son.  The bunny has never licked my hands but only nuzzles her nose against my hand.

Her nails are like little razor blades and though I try to use the pedipaws every week (the bunny detests it) they still grow fast and are sharp. 

-Justin Germino

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