Quirky Little Boston Terrier

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So my dog Donut is one of the quirkiest dogs that I have ever owned or witnessed.  She has a ton of odd habits and one of them is that she feels she has to attempt to mark territory when going for walks even though she is a girl dog.

Now, she doesn’t have the right equipment so she instead puts both her rear legs in the air and walks on her front paws while she pees upside down to try and mark a bush or a rock.  85% of the time she ends up piddling all over herself but seeing her do this every single time I ever take her for a walk is hilarious.

It is especially funny because our male dog Porky was neutered before he learned how to mark so he always squats like a girl dog.  It is complete role reversal for sure.

Here is a video clip I took of Donut the Boston Terrier dog peeing upside down while trying to walk on her front paws.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”343″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI33TnVgMDk[/youtube]


-Justin Germino

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