Enjoyed the Kids Birthday Party

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We decided to host our kids joint birthday party at Pump it Up in Tempe, Arizona this year as they love jumping castles and this place had around 10 indoor jumping castles that kids can just go crazy on for about 2 hours.

We had a total of 6 kids and two dads (including myself) jumping, climbing, jousting and sliding like crazy.  The place was fun and the kids had a blast, though it was really expensive and I think it is too expensive for only 1.5 hours of jump time and 1/2 hour of Pizza and cake time.

Still, if you want to throw your kids a heck of a birthday party and have a little extra spending money, then Pump It Up will bring the fun.  The only complaint my wife and I had was that the place gives you a choice of what Sirius/XM Satellite radio station you want to play, but you only have the very kiddish one (Disney is not available for licensing reasons) and we chose the Top 40, but the music is often uncensored and inappropriate for kids younger than say 13, so we had to have them change the station a few times.

The place should invest in a CD player system and get all Kids Bop CD’s or something to have more kid friendly music for ages 5 – 12, as their music is either for under 5 or over 13 from the variety of stations they have available.  I mean they have like 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and Margaritaville but who wants to play that at a little kids birthday party?

-Justin Germino

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