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After seeing a fellow blogger promote one of my article links on Facebook and realizing it was to my feed on YouSayToo instead of my main blog I realized I needed to yank all my blog feeds importing into YouSayToo.com.  The AdSense revenue sharing was just crap at less than $2 per month and yet my full feeds were imported which both caused duplicate content online which is frowned upon by Google (Especially after the Panda update) and also it would allow people to read my articles on a site other than my own which defeats the purpose of having readers come to my site DragonBlogger.com.

If YouSayToo would force and import only partial feeds say the Title, Description and maybe first 50 words then I would have still allowed my feeds to be imported but as it stands right now it causes more harm than good to allow my feeds to be imported into YouSayToo and I have had it that way for around a year so far.

Overall YouSayToo account for a measly 8 visits in 30 days to my site, this makes the network negligible and not worth investing any more time in at this point.


If you are a blogger and have your RSS feeds importing into YouSayToo still then I suggest you pull them unless you see the network giving you hundreds of visits per month or at least $10 or more a month in AdSense sharing.  If you only have a partial RSS feed then maybe there is some value using the site, but currently it probably already took more visits away from DragonBlogger.com than the 8 it brought to my site in the last 30 days.

-Justin Germino

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