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Do you ever feel this way when working out?

“And left, and right, and back, and front, and left, and… and… and blah!”

I think we’ve pretty much all been there at some point in our journey. Not every routine or style works for everyone, and over the years (centuries, actually) nearly everything has been tried and tried again. These days, it seems like every year something new and improved comes about, usually it’s something gimmicky or so in-your-face advertised, that you feel like it would be just a big waste of time and money. There’s always the “results not typical, yours may vary” in the fine print, always the “you gotta be extreme!” attitude that’s pushed onto you – despite the fact that if you were extreme enough already, you likely wouldn’t even be watching the infomercials, etc. in the first place, and of course it’s always celebrity-endorsed (usually by someone you’ve never even heard of before, oddly enough). “The latest, the greatest, the blah-blah-blah-est of them all!!!” Well, folks, please allow me to introduce to you an actually-legit, revolutionary program that’s designed to work for you, rather than just “work”, it’s called “The Project: Immersive Fitness“. Please take a brief moment to watch this short video clip, put together to give you a good idea of the type of immersion experience you’ll be given when participating in this program.

You see, there are so many programs out there, all designed to just “work”, and what I mean by that is that they are designed for you to just keep going and going and going (practically until you fall over in exhaustion or from a muscle spasm/cramp), but at the same time they’re not really tailored to help your body work, or your mind. When the body and the mind work together, you can achieve practically anything you set out to do. This is the primary principle and mechanic of The Project: Immersive Fitness, from Les Mills International, a company founded by Les’ son, Phillip, a spin-off-type extension of the Les Mills World of Fitness gym chain in Auckland, New Zealand (founded in 1968 by Les and his wife, Colleen). In fact, as of the present time, Les Mills International has a total of 14 fitness programs in full operation, 15 including this latest one. From BodyPump to Sh’Bam, they’ve pretty much every angle covered when it comes to fitness.

The Project

Trusting an average celebrity to endorse a fitness program is almost equal to trusting the elderly lady who sits in front of the grocery store that’s 2 blocks from your home, in your little small American town, to endorse erectile dysfunction pills. Sure, she might have some experience with it, and it might work fine for her and her husband’s relationship, but she’s not an expert on it by any means and has no clue whether or not it’ll work for you or anyone else. This program is not quite like the rest, however. Endorsed by the likes of former Olympian and fitness expert, Les Mills and his son, international fitness pioneer and long-time athlete (and Les Mills International CEO) Phillip Mills, this program is designed by one of the best athletes and trainers in the industry, Phillip’s wife: Dr. Jackie Mills (nutritional medicine expert, gymnast, physical education instructor, the list goes on). Program direction is handled by some of the greatest talent in the industry as well. In other words, these people live this program, they breath it, they eat it, they are The Project: Immersive Fitness.

This program is designed to quite literally immerse all participants in the routine, by a combination of visual stimulation and rigorous routine activity, you will feel as though you’re actually in the environments you’re being shown. The workouts are designed to accommodate and compensate for the actual environments being shown to you while you’re active. The great benefits to this, aside from the obvious (getting healthier, increasing fitness, flexibility, etc.), are that it enables anyone throughout the world to experience the opportunity of fitness that they normally may be limited to, due to location on the globe or other factors. Do you live in a tropical climate, having no access to some of the general forestation trails? Live in a desert-type climate, with no access to rivers, streams, etc.? No problem, this program has you covered.

Additionally, this program is fully-partnered with and fully-endorsed by none other than Reebok. World-renown as being the #1 leader in fitness gear, Reebok partnered with Les Mills in 2013, to bring you the latest and greatest in fitness clothing, ensuring that you’re not just getting an epic workout, but that you’ll also have opportunity for the utmost comfort possible, whilst participating in their programs. A brief example of this workout wear is shown in the video at the beginning of this article. Branded both with the Reebok logo and the Les Mills brand name, these articles of workout wear are designed for durability, comfort and reliability in the long-term. In addition to the workout wear, there are partnered opportunities, providing consumers and instructors alike, with events (quarterly events are already in the works) that are co-branded, giving means to try out these great programs, namely the innovative new The Project: Immersive Fitness.

Currently, there are plans laid out for a 2015 US fitness tour (actual dates are yet to be announced), where pop-up-style, purpose-built studios will be going up, allowing folks like you and I to try out this program, and see for ourselves how awesome they are. This is not your typical gimmicky, infomercial-type, “buy our video program and give it a shot” program either. This is a program designed for well-known fitness experts, in many fields, to help you get fitter, stronger and overall healthier, by means of the most fine-tuned fitness program imaginable, “The Project: Immersive Fitness”. It’s about time that something like this has come along, but the question remains… Will you sit idly by and just keep on going about as usual, or will you take the plunge and Immerse yourself in Fitness?

For the latest updates and info, sign up at http://www.lesmills.com/immersivefitness or follow them on Instagram and see all the snapshots and photos for The Project: http://instagram.com/thepr0ject.

The next level of fitness is here. IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ surrounds participants with cinema quality video content projected onto screens of a purpose-built studio.  Exercise moves synchronize perfectly with music and graphics, creating a truly immersive fitness experience. Learn more!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Les Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

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