Do You Prefer Movies with Happy Endings?

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Generally I am one of those movie goers who gets lost in a film, I become part of the story and follow along without really thinking about anything but what is happening in the film.  I am one of the rare people who gets engrossed in movies and don’t like to engage in conversation, never check my blackberry, iPad or multitask when watching movies which is ironic because I multitask with nearly every other thing I do in my life.

I watch a movie for the escapism some would say, so when I generally watch a film it can leave me with lasting impressions in some cases and a really good or thought provoking film could actually make me think and dwell on it for several hours or even slightly change my point of view or way of thinking to some degree.

I have a tendency to like optimism and movies where things work out for the better in the end, but I also occasionally like being jarred with a real, or unpredictable ending that leaves you scratching your head or saying “That’s F*cked up” to the TV screen as the end credits start rolling.

Recently been seeing a few movies that have just “drop” endings and in these cases they both had similar endings for two completely different movies.

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Everything Must Go with Will Ferrell was a good movie and captured a man’s life falling apart as a result of his drinking addiction pretty well.  Without spoiling it I will just say the ending fits in the category of leaving you scratching your head a little.

Stone which is movie with Edward Norton and Robert De Niro is another intense film that in a way is about a man’s life falling apart and leaves with a similar if even less optimistic future at the end of the film.

By far though the movie that I found to this day has one of the most unexpected and disturbing endings is Stephen King’s The Mist, which had you literally saying “I can’t believe that happened” and you literally can’t believe the movie took that direction and ended the way it did.  This one stands out and has one of the most original if not horrific endings out of any movie I have ever seen.  Not that the movie was great, it was a good movie if you like Stephen King’s old school monster type movies, but the ending just really stuck with you.

For me, how a movie reaches it’s climax and ends is what sticks with me and has a lasting impression.

So, for my readers out there which type of movie do you prefer?  One with a happy ending that closes all loose ends relatively neatly or one that shocks you or shatters your expectations?

-Justin Germino

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