Possible Histiocytoma: Dog Going to Vet

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As if fate isn’t cruel enough, 2 weeks after putting my first dog to sleep I have to take my only remaining dog Porky to the vet. He has been having this skin growth on his chest for several weeks and it keeps getting bigger. I am not a vet but it looks like a histiocytoma growing on his skin. Our oldest Boston Terrier did grow one when he was about 3 years old and we had to have it surgically removed. If you Wiki Histiocytoma you will see that Boston Terriers are a common breed for developing them, in addition to Bulldogs, Greyhounds and Boxers.

Though it may be a benign growth they can grow to be quite large and they feel hard, this will likely be another several hundred dollar surgery if it does turn out Porky has a Histiocytoma. It would make sense as Porky has tons of skin allergy problems and a Histiocytoma is related to the immune system.

I tell readers that pets are expenses and can come down with unforeseen medical costs at any time, it is no wonder that more and more pets are being given up at shelters across the country in these tough economic times.

-Justin Germino

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