Poetry Blog Takes Best Blog Of December 2008 On BlogNetAwards

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I was so shocked when I read my email and found out that Wanderer Thoughts my poetry blog won December 2008 Best Blog on BlogNetAwards.  Consequently, I also won 4th place in the comment contest which won me $50 CAD, in addition to the $100 award for best blog of the month.  I am psyched and love BlogNetAwards, this is the 2nd time in 3 months that I had won cash awards from the site and encourage anyone to check it out and register their blog, login and comment often.

So now that I won the monthly award, Wanderer Thoughts is up for vote as Best Blog Of 2008, there is no commenting on this one, you just simply register, login and vote if you think my Poetry blog should win best blog of the year.  Read and compare against other blogs, I could use your vote.

Calling all of my friends and fans to Vote Wanderer Thoughts for Best Blog of 2008.

-Justin Germino

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