Playing Some Guild Wars 2 Again

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This past weekend my oldest son decided to start a new character in Guild Wars 2 and get back into the game after taking a 6 month hiatus, he had grown a little weary and got tired of the game but recently after experiencing the new structured changes in how they designed the levels, reward system and pacing of the traits, skills and ability increases he really found it to be quite exciting and almost like a new game again.  I already have 2 level 80 characters but had not played the game much as I enjoyed playing it more with my kids than solo and was quite honestly distracted by Hearthstone and Destiny for the past several months but it was fun to dive back in to Guild Wars 2 and I am looking forward to taking my 3rd character Gunther Dragonclaw who also was my very 1st character created 2 years ago to Level 80.  He is currently level 63.

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My son even was asking for Guild Wars 2 branded headphones, mouse and mouse pad (I have the SteelSeries Mousepad) lately.

I still think that for MMORPG games that don’t have a monthly subscription fee, Guild Wars 2 is one of the best choices, though I do wish that the level 1 – 20 content and the daily events were a little more varied, after playing them and moving through the low level areas for 2 years there is little variation anywhere except for the living story at this point anymore.

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