Playdough is Fantastic

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Playdough or any form of modeling clay is simply one of the most brilliant inventions and creations of all time.  My three year old lately has been very interested in playing with modeling clay and pretends to create dinosaurs, robots, monsters and all sorts of creations.  Of course they all look like multi-colored blobs to me, but his imagination is fired away and when he mixes colors of clay together he is becoming immersed in his world of creativity and play.  Though I used modeling clay like Sculptey III when I was a child (older kid) for playing with clay, Playdough is much better for younger kids for the following reasons:

The first being that it is non toxic, and they will consume some of it.

The second is that it dries out and becomes easy to vacuum and cleanup in comparison to oily modeling clay which can stain and be harder to scrape off table surfaces when you are ready to clean up.

The third is that Playdough tends to not stain surfaces, modeling clay has oils that can leave stain marks on surfaces.  Cheap dough from dollar stores tends to have the same staining oils, but the name brand Playdough is higher quality and for a few bucks more you get dough that is often higher quality and easier to mold.

So make sure you have some playdough in your house if you have a kid that is over two years old, it is worth letting them mold, mash and create a world of play.

-Justin Germino

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