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It was natural for Plants vs. Zombies to meet the typical Farmville type of games where you have a home territory and purchase/grow plants that you use in your battles against the seemingly endless hordes of zombies that come out to defile your mobile RV’s and neighbors.

So when Plants vs. Zombies Adventures came out as a free social game it was only natural that I gave it a try as I was a huge fan of the original and bought copies for Kindle Fire and the PC for my boys and helped them through some of the final levels and played myself quite a bit.


Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is much more tower defense like than the original game in that now each plant has a square radius of defense, so the strategy of lining up your plants in specific rows isn’t there anymore.  Instead the Zombies themselves can take winding paths and soon more than 1 to find ways to your RV.


The typical fun of collecting the sunlight as well as defending your RV from the waves of zombies has the same satisfying relaxing fun as the original Plants vs. Zombies in my opinion. 


You win by simply defeating all the waves of Zombies and your plants that are left turn into coins for you to get a little bit of recoup of your expenditure on the plants in the first place.  One thing you have to do is make sure you grow enough plants to make sure you can defeat the next incoming battle and I was left with only 2 pea shooters and 3 sunflowers to defeat a rather hard horde later.


You unlock achievements, new plants, stars, cash based on the various tactics used in each mission.  There are some 35 secret ones to unlock and I never got more than 8 or 9 on a single mission.  Unlocking new plants is fun, and the wait for growing new plants isn’t too painful though it does slow your rate of play if you want to just blast out a ton of missions in a row and will cost you gems to skip ahead, re-grow dead plants and you are prompted to purchase more if you run out so you will encounter micro-transactions like other games of this type if you want to go faster than the pace it sets.


The fact that you get extra quests to go and help neighbors as well as can help other players in the social game is the real fun aspect of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.  It is still relatively simplistic but a great fun if you are a Plants vs. Zombies fan and I don’t think you will be disappointed, the new angles and directions to defend against, the new types of zombies and the spray bottles which can temporarily increase your plants range of defense or freeze zombies that are absorbing too much damage are a way to help win even when you don’t have enough pea shooters and plants in the ground.

I had fun playing the game and recommend it.

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