Pinterest is Not the Affiliate Marketers Dream

This post contains affiliate links.

Pinterest you would think would be an excellent resources for helping generate some sales for the arts and crafts, jewelry and other crowds but there are many measures in Pinterest which block affiliate efforts.

I had a reader ask me if there was a way to beat the fact that Pinterest strips your Amazon affiliate links or simply issues warning if you try to work around with a URL Shortener. I experimented, researched and tested everything, you will not be able to effectively market Amazon affiliate products on Pinterest with direct link to your AZON affiliate. You will have to do articles on your site and link to them that way, but I hear sites get blocked for doing too many Pins of their own site links and whole domains and web stores can be blocked from Pinterest. This affects even people who make custom art, jewelry, crafts and such and just want to showcase with maybe getting some sales/interest.


I hear CommissionJunction links are blocked and possibly others now as well, Pinterest is a social media network and like most Social Media networks it is about engagement and sharing cool stuff but not directly a way for you to earn money.  I think the readers should decide who to follow/what to follow and they can just not follow the Pin boards of people who market too blatantly or too much.  In the end though they are controlling who and how things get marketed for those who leverage it to still try to market.  Do you think this is akin to Facebook stripping your Amazon Affiliate tags out of any Amazon product links to share, or Twitter stripping out CommissionJunction tags?  Or because Pinterest is really a network of images that affiliate marketers and those who would post images to popular products just to get their attempt at an affiliate market share are not welcome on Pinterest?

Also I have seen numerous articles that still inform readers how they can market Amazon affiliate products on Pinterest with their affiliate tag, articles published even in the last 60 days that seem to have no clue that Pinterest strips the tags and has been for over a year. 

In Summary

Beware when using Pinterest, as with rules of other site, PIN others far more than you would PIN your own stuff, never PIN direct to a sale/cart page, PIN to reviews/pictures with passive ability for reader to buy. Keep your ratios good or you risk undoing all your Pinterest marketing work.

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