Personal New Years Resolutions

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I am going to do a 2 part New Years Resolutions series on my personal blog this time.  Today’s post is all about my personal resolutions for 2012 and what I hope to aspire, achieve and conquer in the upcoming year. My second post tomorrow will be about my blogging goals for 2012 and center around expanding my hobby turned obsession.

Losing a Little Weight

It is not without irony that I like may other people want to aspire to lose a little more weight and tone up more in 2012.  I have gained about 10 pounds over the past 15 months or so and though I am not nearly as heavy as I was back in 2006/2007 I can’t afford to become complacent either.  In the latter part of 2011, I was only going to the Gym 1x per week and doing my home exercise about 1x per week in addition.  In 2012, I am hoping to work out no less than 3-4x per week with 2-3x being at the gym where I have more equipment at my disposal.

Now that I have a new iPod Touch with Spotify, I have more incentive to work out and have great tunes on to assist with the mood.  I really enjoy working out to heavy music and it seems to help relieve stress while working out.

I would like to finally hit my bench mark of being able to do 10 reps of benching 200 pounds.  I was never able to bench more than 180 pounds and even that only a few times.  It shouldn’t be impossible but this is a personal strength goal I am trying to achieve. 

Being a Better Father

I strive to balance a work / home balance and want to make sure I continue to take as much time as possible to enjoy life with the kid while the are the ages they are.  We engage in play activity no less than 1 hour on weekdays and several hours each weekend and I am looking forward to helping my oldest dive into LEGO Mindstorms and play more with my youngest.  I always need to strive for more patience and I hate that I yell more than I should as a parent.

Patience and calm are something I strive for more as a parent, I find that the older my kids get the more frustrated I get with mistakes or behaviors that wouldn’t have bothered me if they did them when they were 3 or 4 years old.  The good thing we don’t believe in physical punishment, never have but I don’t want to be the type of father that is too harsh and leaves psychological scars from scolding them either.

Being a Better Husband

I have made many mistakes over my 15 year relationship with my wife which will make 16 years this may and 13 years marriage this July 4th 2012.  I also need to apply my patience and understanding a little more here in this relationship.   I strive to be a better listener and communicator, I find bad habits I have developed (some say because I am a Libra) where I am always rationalizing, arguing a point or trying to prove one side or another.  It has lead to some of the moments I am not proud of in myself and I will continue to improve as a person.  It is funny how one can lose rationality in the heat of an argument, yet be perfectly logical and choose the right course of actions when not in such a “fight or flight” situation.

Last but not least I continue to strive to be better at my job which is the foundation on which my life is built.  It is my great job and role that provides many of the benefits that allows my family to live our lifestyle which is fairly modest.

These are my personal goals for 2012 and I will continue to work on them.

-Justin Germino

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