Overwhelming July

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There are few things I like more than being completely overwhelmed to
where I don’t have a handle on everything. Summer is usually more
hectic for most people, especially my family because there is peace
and less hustle when the kids spend most of their time in school.

But compound the issue with numerous work and home life stresses and
this strange disappointment in my own blogs recent performance and I
feel a little demoralized. Ironically I just had a vacation in the
first week of July and I need another vacation.

The good news is school starts next week, most of July stresses are in
the past and Guild Wars 2 comes out soon. My gaming habits are
changing and I find it more fun to play games with my kids than to
play “adult” games like The Secret World anymore, it isn’t that its a
bad game, it is a very good one, it’s just I feel isolated and alone
at night playing and have become used to having my boys gaming with me
in the same room.

I bet I have serious empty nest syndrome when my kids move out, but
have at least a decade before I have to deal with it.

-Justin Germino

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