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Who doesn’t like free software? Free is good but what’s even better is a free software that totally exceeds your expectation. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the best free data recovery software you will need which supports the largest recovery capacity as well as having the best features.

You can recover deleted files such as pictures, videos, audios, emails and documents for whatever reason; either accidental deletion, formatting, partition loss or improper operation. Best of all, it is very easy to use and with just three simple steps plus no technical knowledge required, you can easily get your lost data back.

Step 1 is to Launch the Program and Start a Scan. Do take note that you have to download the software and install it on your computer but not to install it on the same disk where you lost your data. The reason is the lost files might be overwritten. Another rule is to run the scan as soon as possible you discover about the missing data.

After you have launched the software, there are 6 different categories of files that you can choose from either Graphic, Audio, Document, Video, Email and Other. You can choose specific file types in order to reduce the scanning time.


Next you can select a location to start finding the lost data. It can either be your Desktop, Libraries, any of your Hard Disk Drive or Lost Hard Disk Drives. For the last option, it is for data loss caused by deleting a partition, losing a partition or repartition. The program will read the partition table and list all of the deleted partition information that is available.


Step 2 is to Scan your Computer or Device. There is a progress bar displaying the estimated time remaining as well as a percentage of the scanning and next to the bar there is a Stop and Pause button. The Pause button allows you to pause the scan and resume it later. Normally the scan will take only a few seconds or a few minutes. The program will first list down all the files that are simply deleted or cleaned from the recycle bin.

Then there will be a pop up window that allows you to run Deep Scan for further recovery if you are not satisfied with the initial scan results. Deep Scan is useful if you cannot find the files that you wanted from the first scan or the recovered files cannot be open correctly. What Deep Scan is doing is that it will perform a sector by sector scan which would take longer than the first scan and user is advised not to interrupt it in the middle of the operation unless absolutely necessary.

The third and final step is Preview and Recover the Files. Before recovering any files, you can preview the file first which it will display a thumbnail and information about the file so you can take a glance before confirming which files you want to recover. Then you click on the Recover button and save them on a different location as to where you lost the data. Finally you can Export Scan Status so you can later Import it to recover deleted files without having to scan again.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can be easily downloaded from their website and installed to your machine within minutes. The data recovery software is highly recommended by those in the software industry as being the best in class.

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