Outdoor Sandbox became Kitty Box

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So today one of my chores is to completely remove about 40 pounds of sand from our outdoor sandbox that was kind of built into our son’s wooden playset. My three year old loves playing in the sandbox, but my oldest son is allergic to sand which is just one of the reasons to remove the sandbox. But, the biggest reason is that neighborhood cats have been using the sandbox as their own personal kitty box and the risks associated with germs, parasites and “ick” factor now just make it to where I don’t want my kids anywhere near the box even if I raked/shoveled the cat turds out of it.

Whats worse is my dog whom I love but isn’t the brightest bulb in the batch would go out every morning and eat the cat turds as fast as he could, he has a bad habit of eating anything he can get his big white striped head on and I am surprised he isn’t sick yet.

So there are many reasons why you shouldn’t use or have an outdoor sandbox (outdoor and stray cats are the biggest reason). If you do, make sure you get one that has a cover/lid that you can put on top of it every time the kids are done playing with it.

I will be buying about 50 pounds of wood chips now to spread out and replace the play area including the former sandbox.

-Justin Germino

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