Our Dogs Over The Hill Party

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My family is throwing our soon to be eight year old male Boston Terrier an Over the Hill party this weekend, Gouda the dog turns eight years old on Monday May 11th and we didn’t know if he would survive to his eight birthday with having a spinal stroke late last year and being paralyzed for three weeks in his right rear leg.

The family is treating him to some “Frosty Paws” doggie ice cream, some blown up balloons which he loves to chase, some dog treats (Pig’s ears and rope toys are his favorite) and just a general celebration of his wonderful contribution to our family.

Gouda has been with the family through three moves and has seen the birth of both children and is just about the best pet a family can have. He sleeps in bed with us every night with his younger Boston Terrier buddy, and they are more like our children than pets.

So do you think we are crazy, or just really love our pets? What are some funny things you have done for your pet cat, dog, bird or lizard to celebrate them being part of your family?

I want to hear from you, so leave a comment.


Bumble Blog talks about how much she loves her cat and how she cuddles with her cat for hours.

-Justin Germino

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