No Tolerance for Public Aggression and Possible Abuse

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While my family went to enjoy some Panda Express last week we were standing in line and witness to a father verbally berating his child while yelling across the restaurant at her.  When he started using profanity and scaring my 4 year old so I interrupted and told him to not swear as I had a 4 year old present. But, I wanted to go further and tell him off and that nobody should be acting like a raging maniac to their family in public.

Seriously, at one point he grabbed his daughter’s hair and pulled it in public she may have been between 12 and 14 years old, I couldn’t tell.  His wife looked terrified and his other kids were just quiet.  This person had the demeanor of someone who clearly dominates his family via force and aggression verbally and probably physically.

I felt like hitting the guy and I secretly hoped he was going to try and be disrespectful to me, but when I told him to quit cursing he just calmed down a little and said okay, fine…fine or something to that effect.  The problem is I would likely have been arrested and charged for assault if I struck him or even if I threatened or attempted to overpower him.  Not that I am a physically dominant guy, I abhor violence and prefer diplomatic solutions where possible.

Maybe thirty five people were in the restaurant just watching this guy unload on his family for a good 5-7 minutes before he finally calmed down.  Nobody said a thing other than my telling the guy to watch his language.  Would I have confronted him if I saw him strike his kids?  I don’t agree with hitting kids, but a spanking on the butt is not something I am inclined to judge or interfere on.  Calling your daughter an “ASS” while yelling, then pulling her hair is something I consider abuse and had it gone any further I might have told him to leave or at least told him to watch his behavior.

The man was probably in his late thirties or early forties about 75-80 pounds overweight and looked a little like a deranged and slightly mutated Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel.  I don’t know where all that rage comes from, but public explosions like that are indicators he is far more abusive in the quiet of his home.

Society sucks sometimes, and something should be done about it.

-Justin Germino

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