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Meet Porky


On Sunday February 8th 2009 we drove over four hours (2 hours each way) from Casa Grande, Arizona to Black Canyon City, where we braved vicious dark storms and hail the size of peas raining down on us. We had posted an ad on craigslist last week that we were looking to add another Boston Terrier to our family after ours had a near death experience, we wanted to have a 2nd dog in case something were to happen to the first. We would have a way to cushion the loss with the kids, as well as wanted to share love with another dog around.

Boston Terriers are among the most loving, loyal and kid friendly dog breeds in existence. They just love everyone and are so social and friendly, when we arrived at the nice people’s home we were torn between Hamlet and Porky both were excellent seven month old puppies. We decided Porky was the one for our family and brought him home.

We paid $400 for the lovely puppy which even though is almost the same price as a notebook computer is still far cheaper than the $1200 – $1800 you can see Boston Terrier’s selling for in mall pet shops, or even the $650+ price range directly from breeders.

Porky is still a little homesick and misses his parents and sibling and former family, but is adjusting well. He likes our older dog Gouda who is 8 years old and is warming up to the family and kids. He slept in our bed last night and he only had 1 accident in the house (peeing on the rug) yesterday early on when we brought him home.

Here is a picture of Gouda (the smaller, older brindle one) and Porky (the new Black and White Boston Terrier)


-Justin Germino

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