New AdSense Earnings Milestone

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For the first time in almost three years I was able to break $200 in a single month of Google AdSense earnings.


Now these earnings are from about 5 different URL sources, but accounts for about $178 of the earnings by itself for the month with my baby sites only making up the last $22 or so. 

Site traffic has been up about 20% steady for the past several months in a row, but I found that AdSense earnings outpaced the site traffic growth percentage wise.  I think this is due to so much of my site traffic being based on Organic Search which is the most likely traffic to click on a Google Ad as they may not have found what they were looking for on your site.

AdSense is probably the easiest form of passive income for me as I don’t really do anything besides let it collect and pay out.  I will say that my site is not optimized for AdSense clicks and the best CPC ratio’s.  I can’t show exact metrics without violating AdSense ToS but let’s say that my average CPC was under 50 cents and the number of clicks seems a bit low even for AdSense ads.

This is in part because my site is such a large portal that target ad placement/keywords used may not match the best paying keywords.  There are some bloggers who will research the best paying AdSense keywords and then write articles around those keywords/similarities and collect better performance and payout on their AdSense earnings.  I don’t do any of this, I really don’t have the time for that fine level of detail and research and would rather focus on writing articles that I want to write rather than focusing on keywords to optimize AdSense return on those articles. 

Still, I have run across several sites with 1/4th the traffic I have that earn more from AdSense monthly because of such optimizations so if you want to get serious about AdSense earnings it is something to consider.

One thing as a blogger and person who tries to make money online, do not put all your eggs in one basket.  I have heard of people being banned from AdSense with little warning and their income sources vanishes.  Diversify your online income sources to make sure if you lose a revenue stream you aren’t impacted too harshly and can find an alternative.

-Justin Germino

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