Never Get Sick of the Beach

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Honestly I can tell you I never get sick of looking at the ocean and being near the beach.  Something about the ocean itself feels so massive and the fact that it teems with life makes you feel like Earth is living fluid being.

Encinitas Beach

This is probably one of the reasons I enjoy going on cruises with my wife as much as I do.  She loves the ocean even more than I do being the fact that she was born and raised here in the desert of Arizona.  I at least got to visit Long Beach and Rockaway Beach from time to time while growing up in New York but she hasn’t been to the beach as often.

I still enjoy digging in the sand and catching the little white sand crabs and have so much fun jumping the waves with my two boys.  I can’t wait for the weather to become warmer, it is still kind of cold to go swimming though I did go into the ocean in January for a spell it was pretty cold to stay in too long though. 

One day we will live next to the beach, it is in the plans and being able to just jog the beach every morning or evening while listening to the waves crashing is my idea of a perfect morning or evening.

-Justin Germino

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