Negative Campaign Ads in Full Swing

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I normally don’t vent about politics too often but I have to say that the negative campaign ads that have been streaming over the airways lately are just plain absurd. CNN did a segment the other day showing how ad campaigns have morphed over the last several campaigns and now instead of politicians trying to promote and stand behind issues they are just resorting to blatantly attacking each other as if to tell voters to vote for the least irresponsible screw up among them.

Seriously, there are few politicians who actually have “their issues” which aren’t simply swayed by public opinion polls and change sides on a dime. Republicans started abandoning their party and becoming democrats and the opposite is starting to happen or will soon it seems as the country starts shifting more toward the right. The bottom line is that ninety percent of these negative advertisements are just catching politicians saying something and it be taken out of context or them not being able to think a bit about their response before they answer a trackers question.

Not one party or the other is solely relying on negative campaigning, it is completely rampant in politics and the amount of millions of dollars that goes into negative campaigning where instead that money could be used to save lives or feed homeless people and actually do some good in the world is completely absurd.

-Justin Germino

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