Need Votes for Blogger Shorty Award

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One shorty award vote for dragonblogger in the blogger category and I thought why not see how many votes I can get?  I decided to see how many of my fans and friends would be willing to toss me a shorty vote and though I have no chance of reaching the 9744 votes that the 1st place person has, I thought I may just make the top 10 with about 270 votes being all that’s needed to place the #10 spot.

Nominate Justin Germino for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Justin Germino for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

So currently I am running in about #40 out of 1400 people nominated for a Shorty, and the voting ends on January 27th. 

My selling point on why people should vote me for a Social Media Shorty award is because few social media personalities can do technology, gaming, blogging, WordPress tips, poetry, movie reviews, make money online at same time. 

If you wouldn’t mind, nominate dragonblogger for a Shorty and let’s see if I can reach my top 10 placement.

-Justin Germino

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