Need to Shop for Clothes

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I don’t go clothes shopping very often, but I have to actually pick up some outfits for our vacation to Rome where there is a different clothing style and dress code than the United States, this is especially true for Vatican City where you can’t wear shorts of any kind, even docker shorts.

I already have a more fashionable hat than a ballcap and will likely wear more polo and button shirts and far fewer T-shirts on my vacation this time around.

I still think clothing is expensive for men, but even more so for Women, the fact that you can spend over a hundred dollars on a single outfit is just nuts.  I maybe spend a hundred bucks a year on clothes for myself with the exception that I have to buy a new pair of sneakers every few months because they wear out fast.

Women, can spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit they wear once and then sits in the closet on a rack forever.  They should just have clothing rental stores everywhere so you can rent outfits and such for evenings out for those who don’t dress up often.

Then again, I should start dressing up more often, but if I dressed up just to walk into my home office and telecommute all day, who would I be dressing up for?  I am lucky if I wear anything other than a T-Shirt and shorts while working on my computer all day long.

-Justin Germino

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